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Customer Support Information

Hi there! 

If you've purchased any information product or recieved a free report from Coty Alex, and you need to: 

* Inquire about a product, 

* Get a download URL, 

* Make a consultation appointment, 

* Request a refund, 

... you've reached the right place. 

This is the customer support website for Coty Alex's 

products / websites including: 

* Guys Who Cant Cook

* Loan Modification Rescue or Rip Off 


* Durango Commercial 

* Forward Focused

* Ezine Profit Tactics

 I prefer that you use the help desk ticket system instead of e-mailing me, as I find this method to be far more reliable. 


        I have provided you with a full help desk ticket system with various           Departments. 

If this is your first time here, you'll need to register on the help desk ticket system. You'll see the registration link at the top of the screen after clicking on the above link.

All tickets are handled in 24 hours or less, by my courteous and very helpful team! 

Thank you! 

Coty Alex



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